Letter From NUS

Hi fellow chemical engineers at the Purdue student chapter!

On behalf of the whole committee of NUS Student Chapter, I would like to take this opportunity to write this letter as an introduction to our student chapter, as well as give all of you a better understanding of our brief history.

Our overall committee consists of the main executive committee: which comprises one president (Tri), two vice presidents in charge of marketing and sponsorships (Bowen) and Overseas Liaison (Annabelle) as well as a secretary cum treasurer (Heng Perng). Alongside, we all have 3 subcommittees managing our flagship projects, namely our Student Mentorship Programme, Industry 7 Series and finally Publicity.

The student mentorship programme subcommittee, headed by Erdong, oversees a flagship program initiated by the Chemical Engineering department of NUS in conjunction with us, the NUS AIChE Student Chapter. The program aims to create a platform for students of different years to interact and share experiences involving academic or special programmes that our school offers. Currently, we are in the midst of preparing for an Industrial Attachment program panel sharing, which is a panel discussion about one of our most hotly discussed programmes in NUS Chemical Engineering. This programme allows students get to be attached to a company in the industry for 6 months, and is similar to an internship.

The Industry 7 series, which is headed by Sophie, on the other hand focuses on planning industrial site visits and inviting speakers from key industry players to our school to enable our students to be better informed. In the past, we have had site visits to ExxonMobil, Mitsui Chemicals and more; and we hope to enable as many students as possible to go on these educational trips!

Finally, the publicity team headed by Jervis and Marion takes charge of all our publicity materials related to any events that we run and they also manage our website and Facebook group. The publicity team also decorates our very own notice board in the school which is a vital communication channel to the students.

Our student chapter is very newly established, being only in its second year and we hope that with the support of an established chapter, such as yours, both our chapters will continue to flourish from each other’s experiences and partnership.

We look forward to hearing more from you!



On behalf of the NUS AIChE Student Chapter


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