Greetings From Purdue

Hello NUS!

On behalf of the committee members of the Purdue AIChE Chapter we would like say that we are all very excited for the opportunity to be sister chapters with you!

As you probably know by now, our chapter is organized and structured a little differently than yours. So we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you a little bit of information about what each of our committees does. Each of our committees has written a short letter with introductions and a summary of their main goal.

Our organization is divided into 8 committees: Marketing, Industrial Relations, Student Relations, Faculty Relations, Philanthropy, Undergraduate Research, Finance, and Outreach


Hi! We are the marketing committee. We do all of the advertising and promotion for Purdue AIChE, so essentially most things that you read about us were written by our committee. All of our social media (Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) is run by members of the committee, and if you saw our latest newsletter, the Reboiler, that was written by us as well! On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we advertise our events and updates throughout the semester, while our Snapchat has exciting stories, which you all should check out! Our members include a student in every year; Paul is a freshman, Nick and Ana are sophomores, Michelle is a junior, and Vaughn is a senior. We’re excited to hear from you!

Industrial Relations

The Industrial Relations Committee is in charge of working with industry representatives to plan events that encourage relationships between students and industry. For example, we are excited about planning three plant tours to various companies this semester! Our members are Cassie Campbell, Evan Bishop, and Elizabeth Krenek. Cassie Campbell is a junior with a concentration in energy and environment. Evan Bishop is a junior who is currently working on a co­op work assignment at Tate & Lyle, a global ingredients company. Elizabeth Krenek is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. She enjoys swimming, painting and helping the community.

Student Relations

Hello! This is Iris, Luke, and Tyler from AICHE of Purdue University from the other half of the globe. We are Student Relations Committee. What our committee does is to create a better relationship between chemical engineering students and our chapter. This semester, we are thinking about doing events like intramural sports, mini golf, ice­skating, indoor soccer, and other fun things. We have not planned them yet, but once we do, we will keep you updated. We cannot wait to hear back from you!


Faculty Relations

The Faculty Relations committee’s goal is to integrate Chemical Engineering students and the Chemical Engineering professors at Purdue. The committee hosts events such as luncheons, pancake breakfasts, socials, and game nights to allow students and professors to meet and socialize in a relaxed environment. These events provide an opportunity for students to network and build relationships with the university staff outside of a classroom environment. Our committee has five members; Patrick McGuiggan, a second semester senior, Rachel Troscinski, a second semester junior, Tony Tan, a second semester junior, and Maya Jain, a second semester sophomore.


The philanthropy committee is all about getting students to go out of their comfort zones to help out in their communities. With so much work and studying to do during the semester, our job is reminding students that there is a world outside school and giving them opportunities to engage with it. Each semester, we host a variety of events, including bake sales and blood drives. We have four members: Emily Briggs, who is a senior graduating this May, Emily Alcorace and Michael Marino, who are both juniors, and Lindsey Blanshan, who is a freshman!

Undergraduate Research

Hello! We are Deborah, Mike and Anthony, and we’re the undergraduate research committee! We help the undergraduates engage in research opportunities and network with research faculty. We organize lab tours and poster symposiums to help students interested in research!


The Finance Committee manages the means with which Purdue AIChE generates income to pay for events. Our income comes mostly from a corporate sponsorship package that has been developed in cooperation with the Industrial Relations Committee, as well as various grants that have been located, researched, and applied for by members of the Finance Committee. The committee also assists the Treasurer in managing other cash flow to and from the chapter and creating each semester’s budget. The Finance Committee currently has one member: Isaac Vermillion, a sophomore.


Hello! We are the Outreach committee! We have 3 members: Caleb Brown is a junior, Sanjana Patil is a freshman, and Melanie Igel is a sophomore. One of our responsibilities is to recruit freshmen that are interested in chemical engineering. Our school has a first year engineering program that all engineering students take prior to choosing a specific engineering field. We reach out to them to hopefully spark their interest in chemical engineering and get them involved

with AIChE. Our other job is to stay in contact with you guys through your representative, Annabelle! We have meetings with her each month to discuss ideas for different activities. We have a lot of cool ideas for this semester so we are excited to see how it goes!

Executive Board

The executive board oversees the 8 committees and is comprised of the president, internal and external vice presidents, treasurer, and marketing director. The president, currently Zachary Rinaldi, a first semester senior, leads the executive board. The internal vice president, currently Anna Wagner, a second semester junior, handles internal affairs, including relations with chemical engineering faculty and students at Purdue. The internal vice president oversees the Student Relations, Faculty Relations, and Undergraduate Research committees. The external vice president, currently Alex Ambrose, a first semester junior, handles external affairs, including relations with industry and alumni. The external vice president oversees the Industrial Relations, Philanthropy, and Outreach committees. The treasurer, currently Sam Raimann, a second semester senior, manages the chapter’s financial records and assists in obtaining and handling industrial sponsorships. The treasurer oversees the Finance committee. The marketing director, currently Vaughn Persinger, a second semester senior, manages all communications with our members, maintains our website, and administers our newsletter, “The Reboiler”. The marketing director oversees the Marketing committee. During the Spring semester, the executive board includes their prospective elect positions. This includes the president­elect, Anna Wagner, internal vice president­elect, Michelle Spicklemire, external vice president­elect, Miranda Berg, treasurer­elect, Devin Zuck, and marketing director­elect, Ana Carneiro.

We are very excited for the opportunity to get to know more about you and your school and believe that it will be very beneficial to both NUS and Purdue. We are all looking forward to hearing back from you!

Purdue University AIChE


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